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Monetizing your Blog

There are many ways to make money with your blog. Some methods are commonly used, some are not. Here I will lay out several methods webmasters use to monetize their weblogs.

Google Adsense:
If you do not already have an adsense account, you should get one. Webmasters log in and set up the size, type and colors of the ads then insert a javascript code in their blog code. Google will automatically serve up ads to your blog based on the site content. You will get paid after earning $100. You earn money based on how many clicks you get per ad.

Selling Links:
Many webmasters rent a part of their sidebar or other part of their blog to other webmasters for links and banner advertisements. Prices charged would depent on many factors, including page rank and traffic of your blog. Obviously, the more page rank and traffic, the more you can charge.

CPA Affiliate Advertising:
With these programs, you earn money based on actions the customer (readers of your blog) completing a specific action. Not only do the readers click on an ad, they might also be required to complete a survey, make a purchase, or whatever the terms include. Payout for these are normally greater than traditional pay per click programs.

Selling Posts:
Many webmasters would love nothing more than for someone to publish a post about their website or blog. An occasional review post is fine, but excessive posting will turn off readers and ultimately cheapen your own blog.