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This blog is an informative and objective take on US, UK & International affairs by a British Attorney working in the London office of a Wall Street law firm. If you're sick and tired of partisan and ideological political and current affairs content, this is the blog for you. The articles cover complicated issues in an informative and accessible way. The blog represents the authors views only.

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Gabriella Riboe

The Fascists/Antisemites are once again trying to subdue Europe. They may never more succeed. The blog compiles and discribes incidents and processes, induced by the Fascists, primarily in Europe, but also elsewhere.

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Raag Desh

Raag Desh is a popular and much talked about column by noted Hindi journalist Qamar Waheed Naqvi. It is an astute commentary on the unfolding political events of the country summed up in the inimitable manner of QW Naqvi. Of course there are other columnists, both in the Hindi and the English press, but what makes Qamar Waheed Naqvi’s column different from most others is the play of language and his virtuosity with words. Raag Desh is a unique journalistic perspective that comes from having a ring side view of real politik of India that Q. W. Naqvi has relentlessly observed, reported and interpreted for over 30 years now. Laced with Naqvi’s skewed sense of humour Raag Desh is a must read every week.

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george weber, the news guy.

George Weber, an ABC radio newsman offers commentary on life, politics, New York, Brooklyn and his own neighborhood of Carroll Gardens.

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Rebels Yell!

Rebels Yell! Is a dedicated political blog offering opinion on political and socio-economic issues with a decidedly traditional Irish Republican bias. The Rebels Yell! has been designed to ‘Feel the Pulse’ of Irish Republican sentiment on the pursuit of our ‘Holy Grail’ –A United Ireland.

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