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Cosplay Canvas PhotoBlog Review

Date Added: July 02, 2014 12:51:13 AM
Category: Photo Blogs

Today I had the opportunity to review the photo blog CosplayCanvas. When I arrived at the site it took me a minute or two to digest what I was looking at. After I did search and found that a Cosplayer is someone who dresses up in costumes and acts the part, the site suddenly made much more sense! 

The photo blog is loaded with images of people, in character, photographed at a number of different Cosplayer venues.  The photos themselves are of almost explusively of characters posing. The gallery I spent the most time in was from the Wonderton 2014 collection. Characters such as Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow were featured. 

The appearance of the site is basic in nature. There aren't any frills or other uneccesary elemts that might distract from the focus of the site. Cosplay Canvas does a very good job displaying these passionate artists in their element.  

CosplayCanvas is currently listed in the Photo Blog category.