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Glass Duffle - Blog Review

Date Added: May 29, 2014 12:00:00 AM
Category: Travel

It’s not often I get a chance to review a blog that has a template that is very well done, and followed up with interesting content. This is what I found when looking through the Glass Duffle
So first I'll touch on the content. At first glance, I wasn't sure what this blog was about. Was it about music? Was it a personal blog? Not really. After clicking around and reading the Glass Duffle About page, I learned that the blog is run by three guys and their content is driven by the cultural elements that they are exposed to. Their posts, while seem to carry an underlying American cultural theme, does indeed contain the personal musings of the three authors, Wes, Eric, and Nick.
Posts on the Glass Duffle appear to be very well presented. The posts that I read were very well written, and the pictured contained in them are very good quality. From the posts about their experiences in nature, to the semi-rant against using the term "Bro", I can relate to a lot of what they're talking about. 
The mechanics of the blog- as in the template, the functionality, and how it is generally presented is very well done. One of the better looking blogs I've come across in fact. I especially like the way they display a brief description of the blog post when hovering over the thumbnail. 
The Glass Duffle blog is currently listed in the Blog Listings Travel category.