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Date Added: August 27, 2015 10:51:00 PM
Category: News

Normally, when I do a review of a blog I do a general click-through and do a quick look at the layout of the page, how it’s organized, make some mental notes of the content before giving a thorough look at the site.

The writer of this blog claims to have an advanced IQ, greater than that of the legendary physics genius Albert Einstein. In this blog, registered users can log in and ask the genius questions on a broad array of topics.

In the review of the blog I first noticed the simple design which was quite appropriate. Many blogs seem to focus more on flashy design over quality content. When I started clicking around, I was immediately drawn in by unique nature of the content.

Regardless of if it’s a matter of who’s going to win the 2016 presidential election or more simply, what the purpose of life is, there is going to be an interesting, intelligent discussion about it. Honestly, I really enjoyed reading through this blog.

Considering other things such as layout and page structure, I might only offer the blogger one suggestion. This suggestion would be to rework the home page. The home page has a brief explanation about the site, and there are virtually no graphics on the page. The featured question with discussion items are also listed. Honestly, the page appears to be plain and uninteresting, which does a disservice to the content of the site.

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