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Review of the McNeals Reviews Blog

Date Added: August 03, 2015 07:18:04 PM
Category: Reviews: Book Review Blogs is a blog that is focused on reviews of books and other products, and is the focus on today’s Bloglisting review. When you first get to the website, you are brought to the Contest and Giveaway page. I like it when sites such as this give away prizes, but I did not feel like the contest page was the best fit for a landing page (especially since there isn’t a lot of content on it).

I visited two other areas of the site, which were the Book Reviews and the Product Reviews page. I only found one review in each category, but realized that the site is quite new and the content inventory still needs to build. The last area of the site has a list of McNeils Stuff, which I suppose is a list of random things the website owner feels is important.

The layout of the site is very clean. It has a basic construction that is easy on the eyes and is not cluttered with a lot of irrelevant content and ads that often plague review blogs such as this.

McNeils Reviews is currently listed in the Bloglisting directory in the Book Reviews category. The listing can be found here